Selkirk Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Important arrangements during the Coronavirus outbreak

This court is open for business, including first instance custody cases, but please note the following arrangements at this time.

This court is only open to staff, judiciary, those with permanent office accommodation, media or parties who are directly involved in cases being heard in the building and who have been requested to attend at court.

Where court cases require personal appearance, intimation will have been made to parties in advance of the court date.

There is no public counter and members of the public will not be permitted to enter, unless requested by the court.

If you want to pay your fine or would like information and advice please visit our Pay a Fine page. 


Sheriffdom orders during Coronavirus

The following Sheriffdom guidance, information and practice notes apply to this court.

Selkirk JP Refixing diets
Selkirk SC Refixing diets

Please also refer to the Rules and Practice section of the website.

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LB_No 1 COVID-19_Summary Criminal Business 12 JanuaryPDF384.56 KB13 Jan, 2021 Download
LB Order Transfer of Criminal Business 05.08.2020PDF108.12 KB06 Aug, 2020 Download
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Guidance re CONVIC 19 Arrangements re SCRA Cases_25 03 20PDF175.90 KB02 Apr, 2020 Download
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The present sheriff courthouse in Ettrick Terrace, designed by David Rhind, opened in 1870 and is widely regarded as one of the most impressive buildings in the town.

The Court has one resident Sheriff and deals with business from an area of the Scottish Borders covering 909 square miles and with a population of 52, 650. 

Selkirk Sheriff Court © Crown copyright

Contact Details

Postal address

Sheriff Court House,
Ettrick Terrace,
TD7 4LE                

Main telephone

01750 721269

Sheriff Clerk / Main contact

Gail Edwards

Admin department contact

If you need a JP to sign documents, please see Signing Documents. For an appointment for JPs to sign documents please contact  01750 721269   .

All commissary work carried out




Jury helpline

01750 721269 - Out of hours jury helpline

Accessibility contact

If you want to contact us using text relay please follow the guidance at this link -  the Next Generation Text Service

If you require the support of an interpreter when you contact a court (by phone or attend in person), a telephone interpretation service is available.  To access this service ask for telephone interpreting and the language required. This service is NOT available during actual court proceedings.

If you use British Sign Language (BSL) and wish to phone us using a sign language interpreter, you can use the online video relay interpreting service. For more information see the contactSCOTLAND website.


Selkirk is on the A7 one of the two main roads in the Scottish Borders. The court location is just outside the town centre near the war memorial. Use the journey planner for public transportation information.

By bus

The only bus which goes direct to and from Selkirk is service number 95 which travels between Edinburgh and Carlisle. Otherwise it is necessary to change buses in Galashiels.

By rail

There is now a train service in the Borders which runs from Edinburgh Waverley to Tweedbank where the train terminates. This line also passes through the town of Galashiels.

At both the Galashiels and Tweedbank Train Stations, there are taxi’s and buses available for the onward commute to Selkirk.

By car

No public car parking available. Free parking on the road outside or in a free council run car park just off the Market Square.

By taxi

Nearest taxi companies are in Galashiels.

By air

Nearest airport is Newcastle Airport

On Arrival

On arrival please report to the court officer if he is on duty in the foyer. Otherwise please report to the sheriff clerk's office on the ground floor. If you are attending for jury duty please report to the sheriff clerk's office on the ground floor.

Wheelchair users should park on the main street outside the court house can access the building from the front entrance.


The Anthony Nolan charity runs a tea bar on Monday, Tuesday and alternate Thursdays providing hot and cold drinks and snacks. The tea bar is staffed by volunteers and all profits go to Anthony Nolan. There is also a number of cafe's and tea rooms in the main street.

If you are sitting on a jury, lunch and refreshments will be provided for you if the court sits into the afternoon.

A loop induction service is available in all courtrooms for people who have hearing difficulties.

Pay a Fine

If you want to pay your fine or would like information and advice please visit our Pay a Fine page. 


Opening Times

Mon - Thur 09:00 - 17.00
Fri 09:00 - 16.30

Public Holidays


January 1, 4
April 3, 19
May 3, 17
September 20
December 6, 27, 28


A court will sit in Edinburgh Sheriff & Justice of the Peace Court to deal with persons who would normally appear at Selkirk on the following days –

3rd & 19th April
3rd & 17th May
20th September
6th December
27th December



Please refer to the complaints and feedback page.

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