Lanark Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Sheriff Solemn Business

Following the discovery of reinforced autoclave aerated concrete at Airdrie Sheriff Court a number of court rooms have been taken out of use for inspection and remedial work. We have been carefully considering all options for court business, including moving business online and making full use of the court estate to ensure the continued, efficient throughput of business.

Lanark Sheriff and Jury trials had recently been moved to Airdrie Sheriff Court to assist the Court Recovery Programme. However, with effect from 8 January 2024, Sheriff and Jury trials will return to Lanark Sheriff Court.

Accordingly, the High Court circuit will continue to sit in Lanark Sheriff Court until 5 January 2024, and from 8 January 2024 the High Court circuit will sit in Kilmarnock Sheriff Court.

Photograph of the Lanark Sheriff  Court


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Sheriffdom orders

The following Sheriffdom guidance, information and practice notes apply to this court.

Please also refer to the Rules and Practice section of the website.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
06. Airdrie Transfer Order of CourtPDF417.16 KB28 Feb, 2024 Download
05. Airdrie Transfer Order of CourtPDF402.45 KB15 Feb, 2024 Download
04. Airdrie Transfer Order of CourtPDF417.70 KB01 Feb, 2024 Download
Transfer Order No. 3 of 2024PDF42.62 KB29 Jan, 2024 Download
AWI Practice Note No 1 of 2024PDF310.62 KB29 Jan, 2024 Download
08a. Order of Court No 8 of 2023 - Transfer of Summary Business Airdrie SCPDF440.07 KB04 Jan, 2024 Download
07a. Order of Court No 7 of 2023PDF438.03 KB04 Jan, 2024 Download
02 Order of Court SolemnPDF86.31 KB02 Nov, 2023 Download
03. Order of Court SummaryPDF109.75 KB02 Nov, 2023 Download
Transfer Order Number 4 of 2023 in respect of summary criminal business at Airdrie Justice of the Peace CourtPDF44.71 KB01 Nov, 2023 Download
5. SSDG Act of Court No 5 of 2023 Custody Guidance 2023 (September 2023)PDF360.45 KB26 Sep, 2023 Download
4. SSDG Act of Court No 4 of 2023 Public Holidays 2023PDF230.12 KB14 Aug, 2023 Download
3. SSDG Act of Court No 3 of 2023 - Public Holidays 2024PDF195.17 KB20 Jun, 2023 Download
SSDG Act of Court No 1 of 2023 Public Holiday 2023PDF172.46 KB06 Apr, 2023 Download
SSDG Act of Court No 3 of 2022 Public Holiday 2023 (Superseded)PDF152.73 KB16 Jan, 2023 Download
Final - Sheriffs Principal Guidance for Court Users - Electronic Submission of Documents PDF227.19 KB24 Oct, 2022 Download
SSDG Act of Court No 2 of 2022 (19 September 2022)PDF68.13 KB15 Sep, 2022 Download
Management of Proceedings in the Sheriff Courts (July 2022)PDF181.07 KB20 Jul, 2022 Download
Guidance for Court Users - Child Welfare HearingsPDF172.56 KB13 Jul, 2022 Download
Management of Summary Cause Proceedings Housing (Scotland) Act 2001PDF193.24 KB11 Jul, 2022 Download
SSDG Act of Court No 1 of 2021 - public holidays and custody courts 2022PDF205.77 KB12 Aug, 2021 Download
Guidance for Practitioners and Litigants - Adoption ProceedingsPDF74.76 KB11 May, 2021 Download
SSDG Order of Court No 15 of 2021: Dumfries & Stranraer – Transfer of Solemn Trial Diets and the Lists of Potential JurorsPDF85.13 KB10 Mar, 2021 Download
SSDG Order of Court No 24: Transfer of Solemn Trial Diets and the Lists of Potential JurorsPDF81.82 KB27 Nov, 2020 Download
Guidance for Practitioners and Litigants – Management of Civil Business 22.10.20PDF411.36 KB22 Oct, 2020 Download
Act of Court No 6 (Public Holidays 2021)PDF207.29 KB25 Sep, 2020 Download
Practice Note no.15 of 2020: Orders in terms of section 11 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995PDF215.76 KB19 Jun, 2020 Download
Practice Note no.14 of 2020: Children’s Referrals and Related Applications under the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2014PDF460.13 KB19 Jun, 2020 Download
Refixing Diets upon the Death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in respect of Solemn and Summary Criminal Business in Lanark Sheriff Court
Order No 5 of 2022

Lanark Sheriff Court was totally refurbished over a period of two years and re-opened in 2004. The Justice of the Peace Court was established in the same building in February 2010.

Contact Details

Postal address

Sheriff Court House,
24 Hope Street,
ML11 7NE

Main telephone

01555 661531

Sheriff Clerk

Carolyne Blair

All commissary work carried out




Accessibility contact

If you want to contact us using text relay please follow the guidance at this link - the Next Generation Text Service 

If you require the support of an interpreter when you contact the office (by phone or attend in person), a telephone interpretation service is available. To access this service ask for telephone interpreting and the language required.  

If you use British Sign Language (BSL) and wish to phone us using a sign language interpreter, you can use the online video relay interpreting service. For more information see 


The court is situated two doors away from Lanark public library in Hope Street. The library is signposted from Lanark High Street which is well served by bus routes. Use the journey planner for public transportation information.

By bus

Several bus routes pass through High Street. The bus station is situated next to the rail station.

By rail

Lanark Train Station is a 15 minute walk from the court.

By car

There is no public car parking at the court. There are numerous public car parks within a 15 minute walk from the court.

On Arrival

On arrival, the public counter is immediately to the right of the entrance door as you come into the building. If you are attending for jury duty please report to the public counter.

Wheelchair users can access the court via a ramp at the front of the building. A lift is available to take visitors from the ground floor to the first floor level for access to the courts themselves.


A loop induction system is available in both court rooms and at the public counter.

Pay a Fine

If you want to pay your fine or would like information and advice please visit our Pay a Fine page. 


Opening times

  • Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00
  • Friday from 09:00 to 16:30

Lanark Sheriff Court will be closing for half a day per month for training. When closed anyone with urgent business should contact Airdrie Sheriff Court. The offices will close from 13:00 to 17:00.

Urgent matters or any urgent applications during these periods please contact Airdrie Sheriff Court on or 01236 751121.

Public Holidays


Public Holiday closing dates are:-

29 March, 1 April, 6 May, 27 May, 15 July, 30 September, 2 December, 25 December, 26 December



Please refer to the complaints and feedback page.

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