Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court

Hub courts

Important arrangements during the Coronavirus outbreak

Hub Courts for new, first instance custodies

This is one of the 16 Hub courts in Scotland dealing with new, first instance custodies. If the person appearing from police custody, has, or is suspected of having, Covid-19 he/she will attend via video link from a police facility. Where possible, video appearance will be extended to other accused.

Those accused currently in custody in one of Scotland’s Prisons having an appearance at court will generally ‘appear’ in court by video link.

Facilities are available for agents to act remotely. See Guidance in relation to remote hearings – attendance by electronic means for custody cases.

General information

This court is open for business, but please note the following arrangements at this time.

This court is only open to staff, judiciary, those with permanent office accommodation, media or parties who are directly involved in cases being heard in the building and who have been requested to attend at court.

Where court cases require personal appearance, intimation will have been made to parties in advance of the court date.

There is no public counter and members of the public will not be permitted to enter, unless requested by the court.

Fines can be paid online and by phone. See Fines Payment for latest information.

Sheriffdom orders during Coronavirus

The following Sheriffdom guidance, information and practice notes apply to this court.

Please also refer to the Rules and Practice section of the website.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Act of Court 2020 No 4PDF144.75 KB09 Jul, 2020 Download
Order 10 in Respect of Summary Criminal BusinessPDF147.08 KB06 Jul, 2020 Download
Order 9 in Respect of Summary and Solemn Criminal BusinessPDF325.06 KB02 Jul, 2020 Download
Act of Court No 3 of 2020PDF140.09 KB19 Jun, 2020 Download
Coronavirus Civil Business No 3PDF238.05 KB18 Jun, 2020 Download
Order 8 in Respect of Summary and Solemn Criminal Business (all Fife cases to Kirkcaldy)PDF274.05 KB09 Jun, 2020 Download
Sheriff Court Practice Note - TCF - Number 7 of 2020 - Criminal BusinessPDF379.47 KB01 Jun, 2020 Download
Act of Court - TCF - Number 2 of 2020PDF141.30 KB01 Jun, 2020 Download
Sheriff Court Practice Note - TCF - Number 6 of 2020 - Criminal Business PDF403.88 KB01 Jun, 2020 Download
Act of Court 2020 (No 2) - Criminal Court HolidaysPDF70.74 KB19 May, 2020 Download
Practice Note No. 1 of 2020 - Commercial actionsPDF333.36 KB30 Apr, 2020 Download
Order in Respect of Summary Criminal Business - Order No. 5 of 2020PDF314.88 KB17 Apr, 2020 Download
Order in Respect of Summary Criminal Business - Order No. 4 of 2020PDF157.50 KB08 Apr, 2020 Download
Order in Respect of Summary Criminal Business - Order No. 3 of 2020PDF155.99 KB01 Apr, 2020 Download
Order in Respect of Summary Criminal Business - Order No. 2 of 2020PDF140.41 KB01 Apr, 2020 Download
Order in Respect of Solemn and Summary Proceedings - Order No. 1 of 2020PDF133.89 KB01 Apr, 2020 Download
Guidance re SCRA Cases_26 03 20PDF155.46 KB01 Apr, 2020 Download
Guidance re AWI applicationsPDF158.42 KB01 Apr, 2020 Download
Coronavirus Guidance - Criminal Business (No 1) (24-03-20)PDF118.82 KB01 Apr, 2020 Download
Coronavirus Civil Business (No1) (24-03-20) (Dundee)PDF108.04 KB01 Apr, 2020 Download
Coronavirus Civil Business (No2) (24-03-20) (Falkirk)PDF107.77 KB01 Apr, 2020 Download

The original Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court building was built in 1894, and opened in May of that year. A modern extension was added in 1982, providing additional court rooms, chambers and a room (with library) for the use the local faculty of solicitors.

The JP court building is located at St Brycedale Road, Kirkcaldy.


Contact Details

Postal address

Sheriff Court House,


Main telephone

01592 260171

Sheriff Clerk / Main contact

Sheriff Clerk - Neil Rawlings

Civil department contact

01592 260171 - For all enquiries in respect of:

  • Adoptions
  • Adults with Incapacity
  • Divorces
  • Family Actions
  • Sequestrations
  • Liquidations
  • Children's Referrals
  • All commissary work carried out
  • Simple Procedure/Summary Cause
  • Ordinary Actions
  • Heritable Actions
  • Other Miscellaneous Actions

Criminal department contact

01592 260171 - For all enquiries in respect of:

  • Custodies
  • Outcome of cases (excluding those held in private)
  • JP Signings (take place every Monday and Wednesday. Please call to make an appointment)


KY 17


01592 642361


Accessibility contact

If you want to contact us using text relay please follow the guidance at this link -  the Next Generation Text Service

If you require the support of an interpreter when you contact a court (by phone or attend in person), a telephone interpretation service is available.  To access this service ask for telephone interpreting and the language required. This service is NOT available during actual court proceedings.

If you use British Sign Language (BSL) and wish to phone us using a sign language interpreter, you can use the online video relay interpreting service. For more information see the contactSCOTLAND website.


The Sheriff Courthouse sits prominently on the Town Square, in Kirkcaldy.

The JP Court building can be found at St Brycedale Avenue, Kirkcaldy (across from the Police Station)

We encourage the use of public transport as part of our commitment to sustainable development. Please use the journey planner for public transportation information.

By bus

Kirkcaldy bus station is situated close to the Town Square. All buses start/end/connect through this terminus. For up to date timetables or to plan your journey visit stagecoach.

By rail

The main train station is situated about 10 minutes walk from the Town Square. Visit ScotRail or National Rail Enquiries for train times.

By car

There is no public parking at the courthouse. Free parking is available at the train station (10 minutes from the court). There is also parking on the esplanade (some free, 10 minutes from the court).

By taxi

The main taxi rank is on Hill Street, at the back of the bus station. This is located through the Town Square, about 5 minutes away.

By air

The nearest airport is Edinburgh Airport (approximately 25 miles).

On Arrival

There is a reception desk just inside the main entrance to the court house. The receptionist will direct you as your business requires. If unmanned, please attend at one of our public counters where you can be assisted. All custodies will call in court after 12 noon.

If you are attending for jury duty please come to the main reception where you will be directed as appropriate.

Standards of Service for Jurors

  • Jurors will normally receive at least eight weeks notice that they are required to attend court.
  • Along with their citation, jurors will receive the leaflet "information for potential jurors in criminal trials", directions to the court and a telephone number for enquiries.
  • All requests for excusal from jury duty will be considered and replied to within two working days.
  • On arrival at court, jurors will be able to go to a clearly marked reception. There are no designated waiting areas so please do not arrive until the directed time or by the jury helpline.
  • The clerk of court will introduce him or herself to jurors. He or she will explain the initial procedures within ten minutes after jurors are due to attend court.
  • Courts will have an officer available to answer queries from jurors.
  • Court staff will treat jurors with courtesy and give prompt and accurate information on request.
  • When in court, jurors will be supervised by a court official.
  • Jurors will not be kept at court unnecessarily.
  • Jurors who are not required for service will be released as soon as possible. They will be told why they are being released and if they must attend again.
  • Jurors serving in a trial can expect to have adequate, secure and comfortable accommodation.
  • Serving jurors can expect to be escorted when inside the court building.
  • Serving jurors can expect to receive coffee, tea and lunch if necessary.
  • There are no smoking facilities. We do not have the capacity to allow smoking breaks.
  • Jurors can expect to receive help to complete a claim for expenses and expect prompt payment.
  • Access for wheelchair users is via the main entrance, accessed by way of a ramp. If you have any specific access requirements please phone our office manager (if possible in advance) on 01592 260171, Option 7.

Witnesses - If you are attending as a witness in any case please come to the main reception where you will be directed as appropriate.

Information for Witnesses

  • There is disabled access to witness rooms.
  • Please refrain from smoking in all areas as this is a non-smoking building.
  • Please wait in the witness waiting room until called into Court. Access into these rooms are restricted from 10.15-13.00 and 14.15-17.00.
  • Please do not leave the building without letting a court official know.
  • Unfortunately you may have to wait for some time prior to giving evidence. Please be patient, the case that you are attending for will usually be one of several cases to be heard on that day.
  • You must not go into the court room prior to giving evidence.
  • A child witness room provided with toys, reading and drawing material can be made available in certain cases.
  • Courts normally adjourn for lunch between 13.00-14.00.
  • Expenses are claimed after you have been excused. If you are a Crown witness you must contact the Procurator Fiscals Office. Other witnesses must claim from the office of the solicitor who cited you to attend.


There is a tea bar on the ground floor of the Sheriff Court building operated by volunteers of the Anthony Nolan Trust. It is open from 09.00 to 12 noon. 

There is also disabled access to Court 1, Court 3 and Court 4. If you become aware that you require to attend at Court 2, please advise in advance.

Pay a Fine

Pay a fine online. Otherwise please attend at the fines payment office. You can also now pay many fines by telephone (01592 260171, Option 1).

Payment Methods: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cheque or Postal Order. Please do not send cash through the post.

Please make cheques and postal orders payable to "Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service". Send by post to: Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service, Central Processing Unit, PO Box 23, Glasgow, G5 9DA

Fines payment: 01592 260171

We do encourage payment of fines online however contact the fines department in respect of:

  • Payment of fines
  • Fines enquiry courts
  • Conjoined arrestments Fines Enforcement Officer - 01738 493582

Opening Times

Mon - Thurs 09.00 - 17.00, Fri 09.00 - 16.30. A limited lunch cover service is available between 13.00 -14.00.

Public Holidays

January 1, 2

April 10, 13

May 8

June 1

July 20

October 5

November 30

December 25, 28


Please refer to the complaints and feedback page.

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