Summary Cause Rules

As from 28 NOVEMBER 2016, if you are raising a claim which seeks payment for £5000 or less, delivery or recovery of possession of moveable property or an order for someone to do something specific where there is an alternative claim for £5000 or less, you should use the SIMPLE PROCEDURE.

Act of Sederunt (Summary Cause Rules) 2002 No. 132

Chapter 36 - The Equality Act 2010 (2)
Actions lodged on or after 1 October 2010
Chapter 37 - Live Links

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See also Act of Sederunt (Lay Representation for Non-Natural Persons) 2016 No. 243 which comes into force on 28 November 2016.

Procedural rules for applications to the court for permission for a lay representative to conduct proceedings on behalf of a non-natural person

A "non-natural person" means:

  • a company (whether incorporated in the United Kingdom or elsewhere);
  • a limited liability partnership;
  • any other partnership; or
  • an unincorporated association of persons.

Lay Representation in civil cases