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  • Industrial Action on 1 February Jan 30, 2023

    The PCS Union has called on its members to take industrial action on Wednesday 1 February 2023. The action is part of a UK wide PCS trade dispute relating to pay, pensions, jobs and redundancy terms in the UK Civil Service and related public sector areas. Read more ...
  • Court backlog reduced by 30% during 2022 Jan 24, 2023

    Significant progress continues to be made in reducing the trial backlog, which has now reduced by 30% since the start of 2022 Read more ...
  • New chair of Scottish Land Court Jan 06, 2023

    A new chair of the Scottish Land Court has been nominated by the First Minister, on the recommendation of the independent Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland. Read more ...

Webex is now widely used in the Court of Session, Sheriff Appeal Court, Personal Injury Court, Sheriff civil courts proofs, debates, evidential and Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) hearings, and for tribunal hearings, including the Upper Tribunal. 

In addition some cases are now being live streamed. Links to these cases are available on the live streaming page

Read information on accessing virtual hearings and for those participating in, or preparing for, virtual courts or remote attendance in hearings.

We have produced a short film that shows how a virtual hearing in a civil court works to enable business to take place efficiently and effectively. 

Jury service is an important public duty. The role of the jury, is to reach a verdict in the case, having heard and considered the facts according to the evidence and the instructions given by the judge. There are 15 people in a criminal jury trial and 12 in a civil jury trial.

During the pandemic jurors attended remote jury centres, which allowed for social distancing. As a result of the positive progress on COVID-19 we are starting to return most High Court and Sheriff Solemn jury trials completely back into courtrooms.

The return of juries to courtrooms is a phased operation which will take a few months to complete. Over that period Remote Jury Centres (RJC) will be progressively decommissioned.

For more information, view our juror page.

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