Clerks of Court

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By the very nature of their job, Clerks of Court spend a considerable time every day in Court and  cannot be readily contacted by phone.

To contact a Clerk email:
indicating the name of the clerk you wish to speak to and they will respond as quickly as is possible.

To contact a Commercial Clerk email:


Allocation of Clerks to Judges

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Inner House

First Division

Lord Carloway, the Lord President (Civil)  
Lord Menzies  
Lady Smith  
Lord Brodie  
Lord Glennie

Second Division

Lady Dorrian, the Lord Justice Clerk  
Lady Paton   
Lord Drummond Young
Lord Malcolm
Lord Turnbull  

Outer House

Lord Kinclaven
Lord Brailsford
Lord Uist
Lord Matthews
Lord Woolman
Lord Pentland  
Lord Bannatyne  
Lady Stacey  
Lord Tyre  
Lord Doherty  
Lord Boyd of Duncanbsy  
Lord Burns  
Lady Scott  
Lady Wise  
Lord Armstrong  
Lady Rae  
Lady Wolffe  
Lord Beckett  
Lord Clark  
Lord Ericht  
Lady Carmichael  
Lord Mulholland
Lord Summers
Lord Arthurson

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