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Guidance note for livestreaming in the Inner House of the Court of Session

Livestreaming in court

The livestreaming service is part of the Scottish Court and Tribunals Service’s commitment to open justice. It is designed to allow members of the public, academics, parties and the media substantially improved access to Inner House hearings.

Which hearings will be livestreamed?

Unless otherwise authorised by the court, only substantive civil appeal hearings before the First and Second Divisions (that is those chaired by the Lord President or the Lord Justice Clerk) will be livestreamed.

Which hearings will not be livestreamed?

Cases normally held within a “closed court” will not be livestreamed, such as those involving children. Procedural business, unless otherwise authorised, will not be livestreamed, such as procedural hearings before a single judge. Cases with a global reporting restriction will not be livestreamed.


Where the court adjourns for a break or to consider matters the livestream will be paused and viewers will be notified.

Restrictions on livestreaming

Recording, storing or broadcasting the proceedings is only possible if permitted under the law on fair dealing or if authorised by the Lord President under the Judicial Office for Scotland Broadcast Protocol. Any unauthorised capture, re-use, re-editing or redistribution of the material could attract liability for breach of copyright, in addition to the possibility of contempt of court proceedings.