Virtual courts

Virtual court proceedings are important in creating capacity for hearings which must be heard in person and to enable courts to function safely for those attending.

The following information is for those participating in, or preparing for, virtual courts or remote attendance in hearings.


Court professionals - criminal hearings

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Video Sharing GuidePDF638.01 KB13 Apr, 2021 Download
Police Witness GuidePDF577.09 KB13 Apr, 2021 Download
Criminal Virtual CertificationPDF218.56 KB13 Apr, 2021 Download
PF-Defence virtual court guidancePDF1.13 MB13 Apr, 2021 Download

Court professionals - civil hearings

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Tribunals Virtual CertificationPDF218.55 KB14 Apr, 2021 Download
Guidance for Civil SolicitorsPDF1.12 MB13 Apr, 2021 Download
Civil Virtual CertificationPDF218.47 KB13 Apr, 2021 Download
Video Sharing GuidePDF638.01 KB13 Apr, 2021 Download



Court participants - witnesses and jurors

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