Access to virtual hearings

Please read the following carefully - it is important that you read and understand.

Do not share access details for virtual hearings. Access is provided to you, the individual, and in accessing a case via the details provided, you are agreeing to the conditions set out. 

Please be aware that some court cases can deal with distressing details.

Media information

If you are member of the press seeking access to a virtual case, please email at least one working day before the case is due to call. 

Alternatively, audio hearings can be accessed by dialling using the instructions below.

Restrictions: please read carefully

You will be able to listen to proceedings but will not see the participants.

Anyone failing to obey or respect the authority of the Court may be subject to Contempt of Court proceedings. In particular, those accessing a hearing:

  • must not record or store the proceedings
  • must not broadcast the proceedings.

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service retain the copyright of live audio recordings of Court proceedings. Although you are welcome to listen to the proceedings, the re-use, capture, re-editing or redistribution of the material in any form is not permitted. You should be aware that any such use could attract liability for breach of copyright or defamation, in addition to the possibility of contempt of court proceedings.

In a physical court, access is provided on a first come first served basis. Although a significantly larger number of people can be accommodated through remote access, the hearing will close if audio capacity is reached.

Use of social media during a virtual hearing

In relation to social media, members of the public must not, during the course of a virtual hearing, comment on the proceedings using any social media platform in relation to: jury trials; cases involving sexual offences; or cases where the participants cannot legally be identified.

Any social media comment in relation to the proceedings of other types of court case during the course of a hearing:

  • must be fair and accurate
  • must not be in Contempt of Court
  • must not be prejudicial to the court case

Each individual accessing the case should be personally aware of the legal restrictions of use and for this reason the meeting code should not be shared. 

A list of what what kinds of hearings can be heard virtually is found on the About Court Rolls page.

Information about accessing virtual Fatal Accident Inquiries can be found here.

How to dial into a virtual hearing

Having read this information carefully and agreeing to the conditions, please follow the instructions below to dial in to the hearing.

Dial (United Kingdom Toll) +44-20-7660-8149

Case access code: Enter the code detailed in the list below. If there are no listed codes, it means there are no scheduled virtual hearings.

When prompted, press # to join.

Please note this call may incur a cost and you should check with your phone provider.

Once connected, the line will remain silent until the hearing begins and then the sound will activate automatically. As participant arrangements require to be put in place, the hearing may not start immediately. Your patience is appreciated. 


To access a virtual hearing in the Supreme Courts; Sheriff Appeal Court; or All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court, please contact the relevant Court directly at least one working day in advance of the hearing, using the email addresses below, and providing the following information:

  • the case reference number; 
  • and the date of the hearing.

This information can be found on the Court Rolls published on this website.


Court of Session -

  • These will have reference numbers starting with: A; CA; PD; P; XA; GP

High Court of Appeal –

  • These will have reference numbers starting with: HCA

Sheriff Appeal Court Civil -

Sheriff Appeal Court Criminal –

All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court –

  • These will have reference numbers starting with: PIC-PN or PIC-PG

Scottish Land Court –

  • These will have reference numbers starting with: SLC



For media access, email at least one working day in advance of a case calling. You will require to provide proof that you are a bona fide journalist.

In cases where access demand is high, details are listed below.



Supreme Courts Hearing Access

High Court of Justiciary

Dial (United Kingdom toll): +44-20-7660-8149 
Access code: 

Court of Session

Case: XA34/20: Greenpeace Limited v The Advocate General for Scotland and others (DAY 2 of 2)
Date: Thursday 2 September 2021
Time: 10:30am
Dial (United Kingdom toll): +44-20-7660-8149
Access code:  174 029 1414 

Land Court

Dial (United Kingdom toll): +44-20-7660-8149
Access code: 


Sheriff Court

Glasgow Sheriff Court
Date: 21 September 2021
Time: 10:00am
Dial (United Kingdom toll): +44-20-7660-8149
Access code: 174 430 1218

Glasgow Sheriff Court
Date: 30 September 2021
Time: 10:00am
Dial (United Kingdom toll): +44-20-7660-8149
Access code: 174 027 4808

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