Scottish Land Court

The Scottish Land Court is a Court of law. The Court’s jurisdiction is set firmly within the context of Scottish farming. It has authority to resolve a range of disputes, including disputes between landlords and tenants, in agriculture and crofting. The Court is based in Edinburgh, but holds hearings throughout Scotland.

Whilst the name of the Court is the Scottish Land Court, the Court does not have universal jurisdiction to deal with all matters relating to land. In particular the Court does not have any jurisdiction to deal with the question of ownership and heritable title to land (which are dealt with by the ordinary courts, i.e. the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session, nor does the Court have any jurisdictions in relation to urban subjects.

Visit the Scottish Land Court website for more information on: 

  • the jurisdictions and powers of the Court
  • the process by which the Court resolves disputes
  • what you need to do if you wish to use the Court to resolve a dispute
  • recent decisions made by the Court

There is a close relationship between the Land Court and the Lands Tribunal for Scotland: they share the same offices, and the Chairman of the Land Court is also President of the Lands Tribunal. However, the work they do is quite distinct, and they currently remain separate judicial bodies.

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