Lodging motions by email with the Sheriff Appeal Court (Civil)

From 1 January, 2016, anyone wanting to intimate, oppose and lodge motions in the Sheriff Appeal Court (SAC) will be able to do so by email.

Email will also become the default method for lodging motions in the court.

To be able to use this facility, a single email address, to be registered with the Court, must be provided to

This should be the only email address used to lodge, oppose or intimate motions. It will be included in a list to be published on this website for reference by other firms/parties.

Once the address has been acknowledged, it will be possible to start transacting motions by email.

The main features of the system are:

  • intimation and lodging of motions by email to allow the disposal of routine motions in the SAC on the date of enrolment;

  • facility to intimate motions and, where required, any opposition prior to the motion being enrolled (instead of unopposed motions taking 7 days to be dealt with, they will now be dealt with in 4 days). A motion will be intimated on day 1; opposition, if appropriate, by day 3; if unopposed it will be enrolled and determined on day 4;

  • where a motion is opposed it will be dealt with on the first suitable court day after day 4;

  • interlocutors will be issued by email.

Motions received from, or intimated to, email addresses not registered on the published list will not be accepted.

Motions, whether lodged by email or other means, will be processed by the Sheriff Appeal Court staff and not the Court Motions Team based in the Court of Session.

In lodging a motion by email, customers accept that the appropriate fee has been incurred. For those with a credit account with the SCTS the fee will be added to the monthly invoice and payable within 14 days of the date of issue, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Those who do not have a credit account may wish to apply to our finance department to use this service. Alternatively they can pay by cheque, cash or by debit/credit card by calling 0131 240 6876 at the time of lodging the motion, otherwise the motion will be deemed not to have been received. If the motion is accompanied by a valid exemption certificate no further action is required.

Anyone wishing to opt out of transacting motion business by email can make a declaration in writing to that effect to: Clerk of the Sheriff Appeal Court, Parliament House, Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RQ. A note of the decision to opt out of transacting motions by email will be published on this website.

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