Sheriff Appeal Court - Civil

Parliament House, Edinburgh

The Sheriff Appeal Court (Civil) commenced in 2016, as part of the Scottish Civil Courts Reforms.
It hears appeals against sheriff court cases. In civil standard procedure cases, the appeal is normally heard by three appeal sheriffs sitting in Parliament House, Edinburgh, while in accelerated procedure cases the appeal is normally heard by one appeal sheriff in the court where the action originated. Whether cases are heard under standard or accelerated procedure is set by a number of factors including the significance of the appeal; its complexity and the novelty of the points raised. 

Contact details for the Sheriff Appeal Court administrative centre are:

Sheriff Appeal Court
Parliament House
Parliament Square

DX number 549306, Edinburgh 36

Telephone number 0131 240 6945

Any queries regarding the Sheriff Appeal Court (Civil) can be emailed to


Email is the default method for lodging motions in the court.

To be able to use this facility, a single email address, to be registered with the Court, must be provided to

Information on registering for E-Motions


For all enquiries relating to the Sheriff Appeal Court please call 0131 240 6945 

Procedural hearings will be assigned by the Court without the requirement of input from parties or their agents.

**Coronavirus update**

Part 1 of Schedule 4 to the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 enables the use of electronic signatures and electronic transmission of court documents. Where a document requires to be signed, electronic signature will be accepted by the Court in accordance with Schedule 4. Part 1 of Schedule 4 also suspends the requirement for physical attendance at court unless the Court directs otherwise. Under these provisions all civil hearings in the Sheriff Appeal Court will be conducted remotely until further notice.
All current and new documents, including all new notes of appeal should be lodged by e-mail to The document will be deemed to have been lodged with the Court on the date when the e-mail with the document is received at this e-mail address. This email inbox will be monitored during working hours. Urgent matters will be prioritised. Due to reduced staff resource non-urgent matters will take longer than usual to be progressed. No document should be sent by post or via document exchange until further notice.

The Sheriff Appeal Court procedural court will proceed on a remote basis by using Cisco Webex Meetings software unless the Court directs otherwise. Substantive appeal hearings will take place by way of Cisco Webex (Events) software unless the Court directs otherwise. 

Telephone conference facilities will be available as a backup should technical difficulties be encountered and may also be used when the Court so directs.