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Questions about Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership


How do I apply for divorce or dissolution of civil partnership?

The procedure for applying for divorce or dissolution of civil partnership is different depending on whether or not you can apply using the simplified/'do-it-yourself' procedure and whether you want to apply in the Sheriff Court or Court of Session. Detailed information can be accessed in the Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership section.

The cost will vary dependent on whether you are applying using the simplified procedure or not and whether you apply in the Sheriff Court or Court of Session. Costs will also vary depending on the particular circumstances of your case. Information on the initial fee to lodge the documents in court can be accessed at Court Fees. It should be noted that further costs can be incurred thereafter.

How do I get a copy of my divorce/dissolution extract?

Divorce granted before 1984

An extract of your divorce/dissolution can be ordered from the Court of Session by emailing Innerhouse@scotcourts.gov.uk You should provide as much detail as you can, for example the name of parties, date of divorce/dissolution, date and place of marriage/partnership. A fee will be payable, further information on fees can be accessed in the Court Fees section.

If you do not know the date of divorce it may be recorded at the foot of the marriage certificate entry on Scotland's People. After identifying this an extract can be requested as above.

Divorce granted after 1984

An extract of your divorce/dissolution can be ordered online from the National Records of Scotland.

You do not need to know the date of divorce as the search is by name(s). A fee will be payable Ordering certificates | ScotlandsPeople.

Can I access divorce/dissolution information about other people?

It is possible to access some summary information about divorces/dissolutions by writing, emailing, or going in person to the National Records of Scotland.

The information accessible there is restricted to:

  • The fact that divorce/dissolution has been granted
  • The date the divorce/dissolution was granted
  • The court which granted the divorce/dissolution
  • The names of the individuals who were divorced or whose civil partnership was dissolved.

Can I access full divorce court records?

Requests for access to the full process papers for a divorce less than 100 years old, whether in a Sheriff Court or the Court of Session, should be submitted to the Data Protection Officer at the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service. It should be noted that, having regard to data protection and freedom of information legislation, there may restrictions in accessing information relating to living persons and in cases less than 15 years old.