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Act of Sederunt (Rules of the Court of Session 1994 and Sheriff Appeal Court Rules Amendment) (Miscellaneous) 202Listed below are the Rules of Court which have been made during the last two years. The Acts of Sederunt and Acts of Adjournal are published on website and the title of the instrument is linked to the full text of the document, on that site. Rules of Court made more than two years ago are available on the web site under Scotland Legislation. Links are also provided to other Scottish Statutory Instruments which relate to court procedures.

Act of Sederunt

An Act of Sederunt is the legal name given to the procedural rules regulating various civil legal procedures in Scotland, for example, "Act of Sederunt (Small Claims Rules) 2002", which is commonly known as the "Small Claims Rules". An Act of Sederunt may also contain the styles of forms to be used.

Act of Adjournal

An Act of Adjournal is the legal name given to the rules regulating criminal procedure in Scotland. An Act of Adjournal may also include the styles of forms to be used in criminal procedure.

Whilst the Scottish Courts and Tribunals (SCTS) Service seeks to ensure that the information provided is up to date and accurate, users should be aware that the Statutory Instruments and Acts of Adjournal produced below do not constitute a comprehensive list and the SCTS cannot accept any liability for actions arising from their use or any reference thereto.

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