Official Statistics

The Management Information and Analysis Team of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service is a small group of analysts with operational experience led by a statistician. The team produces official statistics and provides management information and analysis to local and national operational managers as well as a variety of justice organisations.

Coronavirus pandemic: To meet the needs of justice partners, court users and the media, the SCTS will publish Management Information each month showing interim monthly business volumes and trends for first instance criminal cases calling at Scottish courts during the pandemic and the recovery period.

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The next update to the Management Information will be on Tuesday 20th June 2023.

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service publishes two Official Statistics:

Quarterly Fines Report

The Quarterly Fines Report is a long-running series of bulletins and tables about fines and financial penalty collection rates in Scotland. It provides information on fines and other financial penalties for the three years up to the date of publication. This covers fines imposed in Sheriff and Justice of the Peace courts as well as fiscal direct penalties and police fixed penalties.




Quarterly Criminal Court Statistics

The Quarterly Criminal Court Statistics is a series of bulletins and interactive tables and charts about criminal courts activity in Scotland. The statistical bulletin provides quarterly figures on activity in all High, Sheriff and Justice of the Peace courts giving national trends as well as detailed figures for local courts in solemn and summary criminal business.


 Report   Date    Bulletin 
 57  24/08/2023  In progress
 56  18/05/2023   2022-23 Q3
 55  16/02/2023  2022-23 Q2
 54  17/11/2022  2022-23 Q1
 53  18/08/2022  2021-22 Q4
 52  19/05/2022  2021-22 Q3
 51  17/02/2022  2021/22 Q2
 50  18/11/2021  2021/22 Q1

 Report   Date    Bulletin 
20  01/06/2023  In Progress
19  02/03/2023  2022/23 Q3
18  01/12/2022  2022/23 Q2
17  01/09/2022  2022/23 Q1
16  01/06/2022  2021/22 Q4
15  03/03/2022  2021/22 Q3
14  02/12/2021  2021/22 Q2
13  02/09/2021  2021/22 Q1


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