Our Commitment to Victims and Witnesses

We will:
  1. Ensure a clearly marked reception point for you at Court
  2. Ensure that your attendance at court is recorded and that you are directed to the appropriate waiting room
  3. Provide adequate, secure and comfortable accommodation with sufficient clean toilet facilities and, where possible, refreshment facilities
  4. Treat you with courtesy and give a prompt response to enquiries, including requests for information about case progress and disposal
  5. Treat you fairly and give consideration to your interests and needs
  6. Co-operate in the provision of pre-trial visits to court, support and special measures for vulnerable witnesses
  7. Ensure that while you are at court, where possible, information is conveyed to you on the progress of the case, at least once per hour
  8. Ensure that while you are at court, information is conveyed to you as soon as possible where you are no longer required to give evidence.

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