Important updates to Caveat portal

Aug 31, 2022

The SCTS caveat portal will receive some updates on the evening of 31 August 2022.

An update to the login page will take place. This will not impact the current login functionality or require re-registering. However during testing it was identified that users need to clear cookies in order to login successfully. Below are links on how to clear cookies on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari.

Delete cookies in Microsoft Edge

Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help

Clear the history and cookies from Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

Should you have any difficulties then please contact

Following feedback from the successful launch of the portal, a change has been introduced to allow increased uptake and to ensure caveats are signed by a solicitor.

When a non-solicitor is submitting a Caveat they will have the option to enter the details of the solicitor representing the client. These are the details that will appear on the Caveat and not that of the person submitting.

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