Launch of Simple Procedure Online Case Tracker

Feb 15, 2018

We are currently developing Civil Online which will enable Simple Procedure claims and responses to be made online with electronic submission of documents and the creation of a digital case file. Civil Online is being delivered in a series of phases.

Phase 1 will be launched next month providing a Simple Procedure case tracker, allowing claimants, respondents and their representatives, to:

  • See their case details
  • See the date and time of any hearings for the case
  • See the description of any documents lodged in the case or created by the court.

Eric McQueen, Chief Executive of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service says:

“This is an important step on our journey towards electronic case handling. Simple Procedure was designed as a court process to provide a speedy, inexpensive and informal way to resolve civil disputes where the value is less than £5,000. Enabling online case tracking is our first step towards making this a straightforward secure online application process in the future. Phase 1 provides current users with access to helpful case tracking information online and is the foundation for Civil Online. ”

Phase 1 is an early building block in the ongoing development of Civil Online, allowing secure system access, as well as access to early functionality of what will be an online transactional court process.  While the intention is to make Civil Online a modern means of submitting Simple Procedure Claims, there will always be an alternative available for those who cannot use or access a digital process.

Legal Representatives

To secure access, solicitor firms must be registered to use Civil Online and details of how to do that are available here. [Civil Online Registration Form]

Since the start of the year those lodging simple procedure cases have been advised that they will be able to track their cases online from March and over 750 solicitor firms involved in simple procedure cases have been contacted, inviting them to register for the service. 


Individuals seeking access to the Civil Online tracker will need to have provided an email address with their case registration in court.   This together with the case number provides the secure online login to Civil Online. 


For more information you can visit Civil Online FAQs at 

From mid-March visit

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