SCTS Business Wi-Fi Update

Apr 19, 2024

SCTS is continuing to progress Wi-Fi improvements in buildings for business users. We are fully committed to progressing three key areas of work to further support high quality digital access in all courts and tribunals.

  • Increasing bandwidth for business users 

    In December last year, we went live with improved Business Wi-Fi for our Justice partners. This included increasing the bandwidth available by 150% from 2mb to 5mb. Over 1,225 business users from our justice partners are now provided access on the new Business Wi-Fi solution making it easier to for them to carry out their work while on SCTS premises.   

  • Wider Wi-Fi coverage – as close as is possible to 100% coverage in all court and tribunals buildings – now ahead of schedule

    In order to achieve this our Wi-Fi infrastructure needs to be replaced. Work was originally expected to commence on the design of the new infrastructure by the end of this financial year. However the design commenced ahead of schedule and the hardware has now been procured. From March 2024 onwards, the infrastructure replacement began and is being rolled out across over 50 primary SCTS locations.

  • Increasing 4/5G cellular coverage 

    We are piloting the use of a booster solution to increase 4/5G cellular coverage and are undertaking a survey across all sites, to be completed by the end of April 2024, to understand the full implications of rolling this out across our estate.    

In addition, for those with a Business Guest Wi-Fi account, we have made available a helpline number to support anyone who may encounter issues with connectivity. In that instance Business Users can call (0131) 444 3333 and select Option 4.

We will continue to provide updates on these three strands and are absolutely committed to facilitating digital access through high quality Wi-Fi.

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