Sheriff Principal Derek Pyle: We have to seize the opportunities of a new, post-pandemic world

Jul 08, 2022
Sheriff Principal Derek Pyle has offered his thoughts on the future of the justice system in a new era of technology following the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a wide-ranging interview following his recent succession to senior Sheriff Principal, the 69-year-old spoke of his experiences during the health crisis.

During the interview he  speaks about:

  • how the pandemic has brought about welcome technological advances which may never have happened without it
  • the change he has experienced in the courts during his time from working in a law firm to being the longest serving sheriff principal
  • the sheriffs principal working on practice notes which will be Scotland-wide, so that practitioners know what to expect in each court
  • the vital role played by the legal profession during the pandemic
  • and his concerns about the future of the profession and the aging profile of practitioners in the sheriff courts

The full interview can be read on the Judiciary of Scotland website

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