Sumburgh helicopter crash FAI adjourned

Mar 31, 2020

In view of the Scottish and UK Government Coronavirus guidance, the Fatal Accident Inquiry scheduled for May into the Sumburgh helicopter crash has been adjourned. The Court has discharged the continued preliminary hearing and parties have been informed. 

Although some court and tribunal business is currently being conducted via virtual links and in courtrooms adhering to social distancing, several factors make this unrealistic in this instance. This includes the large number of parties involved; the number of witnesses who are medical professionals required to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic; and the high degree of media and public interest. 

Sheriff Principal of Grampian, Highland and Islands, Derek Pyle, said: “In relation to this Inquiry, the safety of all involved must be the paramount consideration of the Court. Once normal court business resumes, a date will be sought as early as is possible to continue the Inquiry hearings. 

“Meantime, the parties involved have been urged to continue to agree evidence where appropriate as far as they can while working remotely.”

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