Live streaming from the Court of Session

Some cases at the Court of Session will be live streamed. Details of these cases and how to view the proceedings will be available on this page



Restrictions: please read carefully

Anyone failing to obey or respect the authority of the Court may be subject to Contempt of Court proceedings. In particular, those accessing a hearing:
  • must not record or store the proceedings
  • must not broadcast the proceedings.

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service retain the copyright of live audio recordings of Court proceedings. Although you are welcome to listen to the proceedings, the re-use, capture, re-editing or redistribution of the material in any form is not permitted. You should be aware that any such use could attract liability for breach of copyright or defamation, in addition to the possibility of contempt of court proceedings.


Virtual Civil hearings

We have produced a short film that shows how a virtual hearing in a civil court works to enable business to take place efficiently and effectively. The virtual court fully supports the functions of a live court environment and the film provides a high-level overview of how this works in practice. Virtual hearings are not used for all cases but are effective for some cases as set out in Guidance for Supreme Court users and for Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court users.

Details of hearings which are being live streamed will appear here

Court of Session

Case: XA1/22:  Robert Bruce -v- Moray Council

Date: Tuesday 7 February 2023

Time:  10.30 am 

Access: PH-Court1 (



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