New portal to allow solicitors to submit caveats electronically

Jun 06, 2022

SCTS have been developing a service which will allow Solicitors to complete an online form to lodge a Caveat, which is a document lodged by a party with the court to ensure that no interim interdict or other interim order is pronounced without a hearing attended by the parties.

This service will be available for both Sheriff Court and Court of Session Caveats. One of the key features of the new service is a new login process different from Civil Online. Users will have the option to retain the details of the Caveat to submit the same form to multiple courts.

We are inviting solicitors to come forward if they wish to be registered on the new Caveat Portal. This is phase 1 of a new portal where registered users will be able to submit Caveats to both the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session by completing an online form.

In order for SCTS to carry out the registration process, the following details are required for each individual that requires access, (a minimum of 1 person per firm should be registered):

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Solicitor Firm Name
  • Solicitor Firm Address
  • Payment Account Number which Caveat payment will be charged

To guarantee access to the portal, please send the requested details by email with the subject line “Caveat Portal Registration Request” to the Civil Online Mailbox by close of business on 13  June.

Any registration requests made after this date may not be registered and therefore will not be able to access the Caveats Portal for phase 1 of this delivery.

A demonstration of the new portal will be made available in the coming weeks. 

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