Courts and tribunals continue to operate

Jan 04, 2021

Following today’s Scottish Government announcement on additional COVID-19 restrictions, we can confirm that courts and tribunals will continue to operate business as currently scheduled, as this is an essential service. The existing exemptions to restrictions, allowing court and tribunal users and staff to travel to, and work in, court and tribunal premises to maintain essential services, will continue to apply following the new restrictions announced today.

If you are due to attend a court, tribunal or a remote jury centre this week, please do so. Jurors and witnesses should attend as instructed. Please only attend in person if you are required to be there for the purpose of proceedings. It is essential to keep numbers physically within our buildings to the minimum level required.

factsCourt and tribunal buildings have been set up to minimise the potential transmission of the virus and can operate safely under the current restrictions.  For this to be the case we rely on everyone using our facilities to take responsibility for their, and others’, safety while on the premises. While there is an increased risk of transmission from the new variant of COVID, the clinical advice is clear – provided the FACTS guidance is followed, the working environment will be as safe as possible. Starting tomorrow we will roll out updated signage and physical distancing arrangements and the Lord President will set out his expectations of all court and tribunals users to help people stay safe. 

We are asking everyone to work together to support the justice sector at this time. Please re-familiarise yourself with the FACTS guidance so that we can all focus on keeping ourselves and others safe.

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