Face Coverings and Contact Tracing in SCTS Buildings

Oct 16, 2020

If you are standing or moving around in communal areas – wear a face covering. 

On Monday we extended the face covering requirements in our buildings to keep everyone as safe as possible.

New regulations were laid in Parliament yesterday.  These do not change the requirements we announced this week, but they bring the law much more into line with those arrangements.  

From today the law is that face coverings must be worn in workplace canteens when you are not seated.  From Monday (19 October) the law will require anyone in an indoor communal area of a workplace to wear a face covering except in a limited range of circumstances.  One of those circumstances is if you are in an area where measures are in place to keep you separated from other people by a distance of two metres, or by a partition.

Our advice from earlier this week still stands. Face coverings to be worn by everyone in our buildings except where they are seated at their desks, work spaces, or are participating in court or tribunal hearings. These are areas that have been configured to ensure that 2 metre physical distancing can be maintained.

This extends the requirement beyond all communal public areas such as waiting areas, corridors and stairwells.

Follow FACTS and make sure you maintain 2 metre physical distancing from other people:  Regulations alone cannot protect you from the virus.

If you have symptoms of COVID19, do not enter a SCTS building and get a test as soon as you can.

Contract Tracing

From Monday 19 October we will be introducing contact tracing arrangements from all our buildings. We are using a GDPR-secure system Safe2Go

You scan a QR code, enter your details once and check in. Please check out when you leave. If you return to that building you only need to scan the code each time you enter and leave. A manual record will be available to complete if you do not have a smartphone.

If we receive a request from the NHS for details of attendees at any of our buildings in relation to a COVID-19 infection, we can then request a report to be sent directly from the system to the NHS.

At no point will the SCTS have access to those details. For information see the SCTS Test and Protect Guide. Please also download a QR code reader to make it easy to check in.

Help protect yourself, your colleagues and everyone in our buildings at this time.


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