Mainstreaming Equality Report published

Apr 29, 2019

The SCTS Mainstreaming Equality Report 2019, which includes progress on SCTS Equality Outcomes from 2015 to 2019, and a set of new Equality Outcomes for the period 2019-23, has now been published.

The report records the hard work carried out by everyone in SCTS over the past two years to embed equality and diversity in the service and, in partnership with other organisations, within the justice system as a whole.

The report is available here.

It covers the wide range of policies, activities, initiatives and tools – including such things as the SCTS People Strategy, the SCTS British Sign Language (BSL) Plan, the Wellbeing Initiative and Mental Health Awareness campaign – that help to make the SCTS a diverse and inclusive place for its staff and service users.

The report’s Equality Outcomes section records progress made by the organisation against the SCTS Equality Outcomes published in 2015 and details our plans for the next four years to mainstream equality, diversity and inclusion within the SCTS by creating a new set of Equality Outcomes 2019-23 supported by relevant actions.

The work on equality, inclusion and diversity undertaken to date, and which will continue during the period from 2019-23, is only possible through the passion and commitment of our staff who strive to improve the quality of our service, by ensuring we focus on the individual needs of those who rely on the Scottish justice system. This work is supported by our continuous commitment to provide an inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued for who they are regardless of their age, religion or belief, race, disability, marital status, pregnancy, maternity and breastfeeding, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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