Criminal Justice Disability Project Report published

Jul 31, 2018

The final report of the Criminal Justice Disability Project (CJDP) 
is now published by the member organisations - CJDP Report.

Following the establishment of a Criminal Justice Equality and Diversity Sub Group to the Justice Board within the Scottish Government collaboration across criminal justice organisations saw the implementation of a programme of activities to progress the equality and diversity agenda.  In particular, this sub group was asked to focus on disability and gender.

The sub group created the Criminal Justice Disability Project Team (CJDPT) made up of members from criminal justice organisations to specifically focus on the access to criminal justice for disabled people.  The Project team, that consists of seven criminal justice organisations:

Focused its work on the recommendations relating to criminal justice contained within three reports -

In recent years the Project team has considered how it could address the 76 recommendations from the above reports which were seen to relate to criminal justice.

The Project team prepared the CJDP Report which details the progress which has been made to date by the Criminal Justice Disability Project.  It is recognised that the underlying change that is required in some areas is a cultural one, affected by societal attitudes and as such, monitoring of progress on each individual recommendation was not possible.  Several recommendations remain to be fully addressed and therefore this final report offers proposals for how these remaining recommendations could be taken forward.

You can view the BSL video below which contains the executive summary of the report: Criminal Justice Diversity Project

Criminal Justice Disability Project Report
Criminal Justice Disability Project Report - Large print


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