Civil Online: New Features

Jun 01, 2018

Additional features have been added to Civil Online to improve the experience for users from legal and non-legal organisations who may manage a large number of Simple Procedure cases.

New – Search and Filter function: Civil Online now contains an in-built search field to enable users to find their case by entering the case reference number or the names of parties. In addition, an in-built filter option will enable users to view their Simple Procedure claims by case status.

New – Removal of disposed cases: Cases that have concluded will no longer appear on Civil Online after 12 weeks from the date of disposal or, if appealed, until 12 weeks after the disposal of the appeal. This will reduce the  list of cases displayed to users, making navigation of the service and identification of cases easier.

A small number of disposed cases will not be removed from display on Civil Online after this change is applied due to a technical issue. However, work is ongoing to address this issue in the coming weeks.

User guidance materials have been updated.

Further additional features are planned for release in the coming months, building upon the existing functionality of Civil Online.

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