Living Wage Employer

Aug 01, 2017

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) is now an accredited Living Wage Employer.

Living Wage Employer

Photo shows: (L-R) Christina Mellon (SCTS Director of HR), Brian Carroll (SCTS/ PCS Branch Secretary), Eric McQueen (SCTS Chief Executive), Rosemarie Smith (SCTS/PCS Branch Chair), John Borris (PCS - North Strathclyde), Amanda Conway (PCS - Glasgow and Strathkelvin).

While SCTS has paid living wage salaries as a minimum for recruited staff for some time now, independently employed contract staff of Facility Management contractor, Arthur McKay, now Servest FM, also pays employees working for SCTS the living wage.

Servest FM were successful following the retendering of the Facilities Management  Contract and the new contract became effective on 1 April 2017.That meant  57 full-time and 278 part-time staff from the former contract, held by Arthur Mackay, received an increase in salary as they moved onto the living wage.

Chief Executive Eric McQueen said: “It is important for the SCTS to be a living wage employer. Our staff, whether directly or independently employed are part of an important team which supports tribunals, the Office of the Public Guardian, courts and judiciary and we can all take great pride in achieving this recognition.”

The SCTS received the Living Wage Employer accreditation from the Poverty Alliance which delivers the Living Wage Accreditation Initiative in partnership with the Living Wage Foundation by assessing employers across Scotland.

Rosemarie Smith, PCS/ SCTS Branch Chair said: “PCS welcomes the announcement that SCTS is now an accredited Living Wage Employer. It means that we can be confident that staff working in our organisation, whether employed by SCTS or by contractors Servest FM, will at the very least be in receipt of the living wage.

This will help staff meet the cost of living demands and has far reaching benefits for families, the wider community and the economy. PCS believes it is important to eradicate low pay, delivering dignity and respect in the workplace.”

“SCTS is to be given credit for this achievement and PCS will continue to engage in partnership to build on this fairer approach.”

There are currently more than 800 accredited employers in Scotland and more than 3000 across the UK. The Living Wage Foundation is an initiative of communities lobby group Citizens UK.


Notes for editors

As part of our living wage accreditation we have committed to explore ways to achieve living wage for our remaining service contract. This contract for catering services is due for renewal in 2018. This currently affects 34 staff on contract.



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