The Effective Courts and Tribunals Programme (MJW 1)

This is a separate programme of work that has been established within the overarching MJW portfolio. It is generally referred to by the acronym of MJW 1.

It is led by the SCS and is primarily tasked with implementing:

  • the proposals made by SCS in Shaping Scotland’s Courts;
  • the proposals made in the Scottish Civil Courts Review; and
  • the merger of the STS and SCS.

This ‘policy implementation’ programme brings together a portfolio of change projects that will have a direct impact on the ‘service delivery’ functions of the SCS.

That change programme can be summarised as follows:

Shaping Scotland’s Courts

Ref. Project Main Purpose
MJW 1.1 Court Structures To justify and confirm the locations where court services should be offered, and to create the right platform to support future reforms

Civil Courts Reform

Ref. Project Main Purpose
MJW 1.2 Enabling Technologies Specify & deliver a new civil case management system
MJW 1.3 Fee Structures Set appropriate fees for a post reform environment
MJW 1.4 Judicial Structures Create a new tier of judiciary (summary sheriffs)
MJW 1.5 Legislation Deliver changes to primary legislation which enable reform
MJW 1.6 Personal Injury Court Establish a national Personal Injury court
MJW 1.7 Scottish Civil Justice Council Establish a Civil Justice Council for Scotland (complete)
MJW 1.8 Rules Rewrite A flow of new rules to support modernisation of the courts
MJW 1.9 Sheriff Appeal Court Establish a national Sheriff Appeal court

Tribunals Administration

Ref. Project Main Purpose
MJW 1.10 Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service To have one organisation providing administrative support to ‘the courts’ and ‘the tribunals’

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