Energy Accreditation

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service is currently seeking reaccreditation of Carbon Trust Standard and Water Standard.

The Scottish Courts Service first achieved Carbon Trust Standard certification in 2008, recertified in 2011 and 2013.

The Standard represents the world's first carbon certificate for organisations measuring, managing and reducing their carbon emissions year-on-year and we were one of the first bodies in Scotland to earn the award.

The certification recognises significant carbon reductions and a commitment to continued progress.

Once the Standard is met, an organisation must show an on-going commitment to continued reductions in order to recertify. Reductions have been achieved by investing in new energy efficient services or attaching energy saving devices to older systems. Recent investments include:

  • fluorescent and LED lighting
  • energy saving inverter drive electric motors
  • high efficiency heating boilers
  • double and secondary glazing, also additional insulation in lofts and walls along with draught proofing works.

New controls have also been put in place including:

  • lighting that automatically switches off in corridors and court rooms
  • programmed systems that control heating and ventilation
  • investment in more fuel efficient vehicles.

Water Accreditation

The Scottish Court Service was awarded the new Carbon Trust Water Standard in 2014.

This accreditation, like the Energy Accreditation recognises reductions in water consumption over the past three years and its commitment to additional improvements across its building estate. These improvements include further significant reductions in water consumption and planned investment that includes:

  • water monitoring systems
  • conservation measures such as urinal controls
  • push operated taps
  • tap flow restrictors.

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